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Complex Programs

Plexus - Factory (Oradea)

This is the biggest work that we have made so far. The project, for an electronic components assembly factory at Oradea, took two years. The entire complex has approx. 26 000 square meters, and we had to surpass a lot of technical difficulties. It was very tough, but it was worth it!

A Very Tall Billboard

We have received a request, to make a concept for a billboard of 60 meters total height. Seems that we managed very well.

Showroom Ford Bucharest - Expansion Study

In order to accomplish the new company identity standards, we have received the mission to make a presentation of the expansion of the existing showroom.

Showroom Jaguar Bucharest: Redevelopment of an existing space

An ex bar, who was before an ceramic tiles showroom must become a Jaguar showroom with the respect of corporation standards. And with respect of the fire regulations. And with the Bucharest city hall requirements, of course. It was easy.

Showroom Mercedes Bucharest - Expansion & Rehabilitation

Again, as in Jaguar's case, the building wasn't in line with the new Mercedes corporate identity standards.
So we had to strip the building to the concrete core, to expand a little, to raise the curtain wall a little, and so on...